Pineal Gland Activation

Humanity’s Vital Pineal Gland

The Convergence of Metaphysics and Science

by Robin Clare

Since ancient times, the pineal gland has been considered by some as the center of our physical connection with the Divine Spirit. Philosophers have long contemplated the mysterious functions of this gland.  Descartes, heralded as the father of modern philosophy, regarded the pineal gland as the seat of the soul.  Ancient mystery and esoteric schools also have asserted that the pineal gland and hypothalamus supply links between the physical and spiritual worlds.  The pineal gland in particular has been identified as the highest bodily source of ethereal energy available to us and important in activating one’s psychic powers. Its location tucked into the deep center of the human brain even suggests a primordial evolutionary role somehow relating the physical and spiritual bodies.  

In yogic and other Eastern teachings that work with centers of spiritual energy in the body known as chakra, the sixth chakra or third eye located in the brow region of our forehead, is thought to serve a similar purpose; the pineal gland is located almost directly behind the third eye.  The symbolism of the third eye is one of connection to our intuitive self and beyond to the angelic or spiritual realm. 

Scientific inquiry demonstrates that the pineal gland as a third eye may be more than a physiological correlate to a philosophical construct. When examined under a microscope, its biological make-up somewhat resembles that of the human eye.  Specialized cells even parallel the  photoreceptors in the eye.

Medical Perspective

The medical establishment identifies the pineal gland as a endocrine gland about the size of a pea located in the center of the human brain.  Shaped like a tiny pine cone (hence its name), this pivotal gland is located between the two cerebral hemispheres. Its role is to control various biorhythms of the body. Among other things, the small but mighty gland produces melatonin, a hormone that affects the modulation of wake and sleep patterns as well as other cyclical, seasonal functions. It also works in harmony with the hypothalamus gland, which directs the body's thirst, hunger and sexual desire and serves to regulate the “biological clock” that may mediate the aging process.

Body-Mind-Spirit Implications

Recent emphasis on the pineal gland in energetic healing circles suggests to individuals involved in such practices that the evolving human body may be subject to a rewiring in order to support the higher vibrations required for our shift from Homo sapiens to Homo-luminous embodiment.   “From the mind’s perspective, we are also moving from a field of duality to a field of triality,” maintains Steve Rother, founder of  “In duality, we see everything as opposites, such as good or bad. In triality, we work towards finding a balance point within duality.” Rother explains that this more inclusive balance is created by developing a greater connection to our spiritual selves.

Facilitating the Connection

Modern energy healers are excited about a new healing modality used to enhance this physical connection to our higher selves that involves activation of the crystal-like structures naturally present within the pineal gland. Attuned to respond to resonant vibrations in ways not unlike an antenna receives broadcast signals, when enhanced these calcite crystals may help facilitate one’s connection to the spiritual realm.  When activated, the crystals are sending and receiving messages through the same physio-electromagnetic wave fields that regularly course through our bodies.

The idea is that those who wish to experience enhanced communication with their higher selves, which necessarily includes and manifests a sense of responsibility for the health of the Earth and all its inhabitants, it’s possible that pineal gland activation may speed up the process. Clients treated for pineal gland activation report a greater sense of abundant health,  more clarity in their lives, better sleeping patterns, enhanced communication with the spiritual realm and an enhanced sense of oneness with all life.  

 “The activation of these crystals is a large step in the advancement of humanity and human communication in the future,” states Colleen Behan, a certified pineal gland activation instructor. “Individual activation can be felt in many areas of life as they feel empowered to hear their own inner spirit more clearly and experience associated healing of body and spirit.”